Upcoming Power Retrieval Retreats

During these retreats, we’ll work on both the physical and the spiritual, opening wide the doors for your soul to return to. One aspect that has been most valued by past participants is a powerful feeling of connection and community.

But beyond that, each carefully chosen venue also offers immersive time in nature, where you can be still and process the deep work you’re engaging in. That work will include shamanic journeying, during which you’ll find a power animal to accompany you always.

This experience is about bringing the lost pieces of yourself home so you can feel peaceful and nourished within yourself. It’s a practice you can carry forward in your everyday life to ensure long-term benefits.

After the retreat weekend, you’ll also be able to call on support by accessing our Facebook group, participating in additional retreats at a discounted rate, and attending free, monthly journey circles to continue your healing.

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