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Meet Molly, founder of Power Retrieval Retreats with Molly McMillan and a highly sought after myofascial release therapist. Since launching and leading Manhattan Myofascial Release from 2000-2019 and founding Monadnock Myofascial Release, PLLC in 2013, she has worked with clients from many parts of the United States and beyond.

Molly has been a practitioner of this therapeutic art for almost 30 years and an expert for more than 15. She now teaches myofascial release internationally through John F. Barnes, PT’s MFR seminars.

Growing her integrative approach, Molly began practicing the healing art of shamanism in 2001, specializing in soul retrieval. She was drawn to this specifically because of how complementary it is to myofascial release. To develop her knowledge base, she studied with Sandra Ingerman, who is renowned for modern soul retrieval work, and Molly continues to work with her teachers in the spirit realm.

During her time in NYC, Molly was a member of the inner circle of the New York Shamanic circle for two years, learning from shamans from diverse cultures who offered workshops and healing experiences. She also helped create the open circle and monthly women’s circle there.  

Now based in New Hampshire, Molly offers soul retrieval work both in person and at a distance. She also holds monthly journey circles for retreat alums and annual New Year’s Eve journey circles for all.

In 2006, Molly began offering a three-hour experience that has evolved into an immersive Power Retrieval Retreat. These weekend-long gatherings marry the two intertwined loves of her therapeutic life in a community format focused on self-care. The energy around these retreat experiences continues to deepen both for Molly and her participants. Each one has been “the best yet”!

Molly would like to offer her gratitude to her ancestors, her family and friends, her mentors and teachers in both this realm and in the spirit realm, and especially her clients and students who continue to teach her so much.

The love and support she feels, as well as the wisdom and healing arts she continues to gather from the spirit realm, are priceless, making her feel complete, and at home within herself.

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