About Power Retrieval Retreats

For anyone on a spiritual journey, who longs for ways to connect more deeply to the inner self, the spirit world, and a community of like-minded people.

What if in every moment of your life, you felt capable of handling whatever comes your way? In your most joyful moments or most painful, you knew in your deepest well of being that all would be okay? This power—resilience, awareness and deep presence—is the essence of the Power Retrieval Retreat with Molly McMillan.

All of us are born into this life with a life force. This is called many things by different people—soul, essence, prana, chi, electricity, light—it’s essentially the same thing. Our life force is what ignites that fire in us that blazes, glows or dampens depending on what happens to us and how we react to it.

It also matters how we’re built for this life, through our ancestry (genetics and epigenetics) and our other incarnations. Throughout our life, we have all had the experience of losing our power by giving it away. Or maybe we felt it was taken from us by situation or a person.

Perhaps this has happened to you many times in small ways or a few times in large ways. It really doesn’t matter—the end result is a loss, big or small, of this vital essence that is power loss.

The symptoms are varied—feeling lost, dissociated, or depressed, as well as generalized pain or pain that can’t be fixed. It can also look like being chronically ill, falling a lot, being injured in the same way repetitively, or getting stuck in toxic patterns, especially in relationships.

There are many types of healing practices that work with people to become aware of and change these patterns, habits and qualities or characteristics. In the world of shamanism, these negative patterns or habits that are toxic to our system develop because of a spiritual illness, in this case—soul loss.

Soul loss occurs when we are traumatized and happens out of necessity in order to survive. Our soul leaves our bodies. We all have experienced this leaving during a moment of trauma or shock. Think about the last time you were in a car accident, fell while walking, or witnessed someone get hurt. There is an immediate reaction of shock or: “I can’t believe this happened!” In Shamanism,  these parts go to a place where they can be retrieved and brought back.

Within the fascial system or matrix, we may find the physical areas of trauma where there has been soul loss. Our fascial system stores the memories and energetic impact of all of our experiences. It is an interconnected web of fluid, elastin, collagen, and light—our communication network to the energies within and without. Through this system, we feel and understand the spiritual nature of our beings and the spiritual world around us.

By working with our fascial systems in the retreat, we open up the physical tissue and the doors of our spiritual matrix in a way that creates a welcoming environment for our soul parts to return to, so we may feel whole.


What you will get out of the retreat weekend:

  • Connecting with like minded people within a supportive community environment
  • Time to be in nature and to reflect deeply about your life and about the work being done within the retreat
  • Learn how to journey shamanically and find a power animal who will continue to be with you beyond the weekend experience
  • Find lost parts of yourself and have the opportunity to bring them back home
  • Leave feeling nourished physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Continue the work beyond the weekend by attending free monthly journey circles, participating in a Facebook group, and or repeating Power Retrieval retreats at a discounted rate.

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