Frequently Asked Questions

Pack clothing you can move in, and it’s best to bring layers depending on the time of year the retreat is held. If you want to go outside during our Saturday excursions, you’ll want sneakers or hiking shoes, and perhaps sunscreen and bug repellent.

A journal and pen to write your journey’s down in. Most of the retreat centers provide mats and blankets so you will be informed if you need to bring your own. If you have a rattle or a drum, bring that. Lastly, but most importantly, bring a small stone (one that is the diameter of a quarter or smaller) for the altar. It could be a stone or crystal you’ve bought, or even more special is a stone that you find intentionally on a walk.

Yes! The movement work meets each person where they are, and can be done standing or sitting or even laying down.

Most of the retreat centers accommodate vegetarian and gluten free diets, and some of them are strictly vegetarian. There is always a refrigerator for our use, and a place to store your food should you need to bring your own.

No. The weekend is alcohol and recreational drug free. We ask that you refrain from using alcohol and recreational drugs for 24 hours before the retreat and for 24 hours afterwards; from Thursday evening to Monday evening. If you have a prescription or need over the counter medication for your health and well being, that is of course, fine.

Friday evening is for settling in, for introductions and for sound and movement healing. If you have to arrive late, it’s okay, just let us know.

Other than arriving late on Friday, it won’t be okay to miss any other portion of the retreat. It is a group experience, so coming and going won’t work for the other participants. If you have to leave before lunch at noon on Sunday, that is allowed, but not advisable. The total cost won’t be discounted for arriving late or leaving early.

Once you’ve registered, if you need to cancel, you may do so without penalty (except for a $50 processing fee) up to one month before the retreat. Up to two weeks before, if you have to cancel, you will receive a credit for a future retreat (minus the $50 processing fee).

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