Hosting a Retreat

Are the retreat locations too far for you to travel? Do you have a special space of your own to offer? Would you like to play an important part in this sacred web by bringing a soul filled, and fun experience to your neighborhood? You can host a Power Retrieval Retreat in your area. Here’s what’s needed:
  • A place large enough to lodge at least 10 people and with a room for workshop sessions
  • Food provided by the retreat center or arranged by the host
  • Areas to walk outside in nature, preferably on the land at the space
  • A place to hold the fire ceremony (this could be an above-ground fire pit)
  • Help to gather participants in your area
In exchange, hosts receive the workshop for free! You’d be surprised how often we’re fortunate to lead Power Retrieval Retreats initiated by individual hosts. And the spaces are as diverse as the people who reach out to us. See the links below to view previous Power Retrieval locations. Your venue doesn’t need to be an exact replica of the retreat centers we select for our annual gatherings. We’ve hosted in peoples homes, and in outdoor settings with cabins and tents.
If you know of a great place to host a Power Retrieval near you, let’s connect!

Kind Words

It was a sacred experience to host Molly's retreat in the childhood home that my father built. Working with Molly was a breeze. She described expectations and needs up front and gave simple instructions along the way. I was able to be a participant fully in the experience and hosting did not take away from it at all. It felt REALLY GOOD to be able to work with Molly and offer a sacred space for a group to commune, share, and heal together.

Nicole Russo, owner of Skin to Soul Massage Therapy, Massachusetts

Community and connection with like minded soulful women nourishes me. Having hosted multiple workshops in my lifetime with many different practitioners Molly is one of the best. She is responsive, professional, and collaborative and made the process smooth. For someone like me that doesn't have a lot of time to run around, I found being a host for her easy enough that I was able to enjoy the retreat as well. These power retrieval workshops have helped create real changes for me and I have been lucky enough to do it more than once!

Lisa Kelly, owner of Zen Revolution, Vermont

Contact us to inquire about hosting a retreat.