One of the benefits of having attended a Power Retrieval retreat, besides how it changes your life, is having access to a monthly Journey Circle via Zoom. Each month, on the third Tuesday,from 7–9pm EST, Molly McMillan, founder of Power Retrieval Retreats, facilitates this virtual gathering. Journeying within a community is good medicine for all who attend, and more. It’s a way to continue the powerful retrieval practices, and receive spiritual nourishment.

Every month, there is a different intention for the Journey. Molly will expertly guide you and moderate the sharing that occurs. There is SO MUCH wisdom that springs forth from these monthly circles.

So much so that Molly has decided to share this rich and valuable information. However, she will never name names and will ensure the information is free of any identifying remarks in order to respect the privacy of the individual members. This will give you a sneak peak into the world of Power Retrieval Journey Circles.


To be eligible to attend Power Retrieval Journey Circles, attend an upcoming Power Retrieval
retreat. Click here to find out more and to register. If you can’t find one near you, be a Power
Retrieval Retreat host. Click here to ask us how.


Seeds of Change

This month, our Journey was about making manifest our dreams for this year, 2024. I mentioned to the group that we were journeying between the Gregorian calendar’s New Year and the Chinese New Year. 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. And, in numerology, 2024 represents a year in which all of the seeds that were planted in 2023 will grow and bloom.

There is sharing at the start of the circle and at the end. At the beginning, everyone shares what’s either weighing them down or lifting their spirits; it’s a way of cleansing ourselves before we begin. It’s a time for those who’ve attended the previous month’s circle to check in about
how the Journey informed their daily lives. Essentially, I like to know if the Journey made manifest the intention that was set. Did it give them the information they needed  to be in their daily lives in the intended way?

At the end, everyone shares their Journey experience. When you do these practices within a community, even if that community is “at a distance” and connected virtually, information comes through the individuals for both themselves and for each other. We support each other each month, and patterns emerge.

Energy and Wisdom of Life

This month there was flying, and wings seen. There was swimming and being in the expanse of space. Rather than receiving specific information on what to do, what came through this month was about how to open ourselves up to love (both giving and receiving), how to stay in the flow vs. fight the current, and how to maintain perspective on what’s truly important in our lives.

In my Journey (I journey with everyone else) I connected to three Native American men. One a chief in full dress riding a horse, and made of fluid fire. One in Eagle Dance dress, dancing and chanting. The other was tending a fire in front of his home.

They came from the realm of the ancestors and spirit guides. The first two represented and are guides for me in my work. The physical work and the spiritual work that I do with clients and students. The third represented tending to my home fires.

I felt so reassured and loved in this place with them. They made me feel supported and uplifted. I was shown ways to work with barriers that I’ve had to the doing of the work I was meant to do and to tending my home fires in the best way. I was instructed to continue using my voice, to allow my voice to open up so that the flow of information may come through clearly.

Other’s Journeys led them to owls and bats who see well in the dark, to the deep expanses of space which was womb like and comforting, to opening up to the heart chakra and the divine embodiment of love.

If you’ve read to this point, I invite you to consider what the energy in these words means to you. Can you feel into these Journey’s from where you are, and take in the wisdom for your own life?

I will end by using the words I was taught to say that come from the Lakota language and mean to all my relations. When it’s said, it means that I respect, honor, and know that I am a part of all the relations on Mother Earth. This includes humans and their families, as well as our siblings: four legged, ones that fly and ones that swim.

A’ho mitakuye oyasin,